Senior training is a joint exercise for those over 65 years. Everyone, regardless of age, needs to keep up and work out regularly. It´s makes us feels better, keeps us healthy and the effect can actually be greater when you are older than when you are young if you exercise correctly...

Mondays and Wednesdays at 10am -10.45 we hold a strengthening exercise for you, who may have a little while over the morning

Strengthening exercise for both body and soul! We meet and socialize under healthy shapes, we have fun together!

Of course it´s FREE the first time you try it.


Andreas, 30, will instruct you through a gentle, functional and lubricating workout.

We will test very interesting new things and talk a lot about why we do what we do and how to think outside the training.

I think all exercises we perform should transfer to everyday life and make a stronger body outside the gym!


Mathias, 29, takes you through a dynamic and exercise-varying workout.

We perform a variety of movements from several disciplines that together become a functional, challenging and fun workout.