Together with a nutritionist you will put together a dietary program which is suited just for you and your aims. If you want to loose weight, gain weight, to reach your goals in a specific sport or to get more energy.

Different options of a dietary plan - contact us and we will put together a program specially designed for you.

Opt. 1- One 55 min consultation.

A short dietary screening with individual dietary advice. Same price as 1 PT60.

Opt. 2- One introductionmeeting of 25 min and one consultation of 55 min.

We use a 3 days dietary diary. In the first meeting we go through how to use the dietary and activity diary, and the clients aims. The second consultation include presentation and analyze of the diary and dietary advice based on the diary.

Opt. 3- One intruduction meeting of 45 min, one consultation of 55 min and a follow-up consultation of 45 min.

Optional Body Composition Analyze (BCA) at the first and third meeting. First meeting we go through the clients aims and introduce the dietary and activity diary, you also have the option to do a BCA. Second consultation include a presentaion and analyze of the diary and dietary advice based on the diary. Third consultation we follow-up of the dietary advice and aims, and an optional BCA. Same price as for 5 PT60 hours.

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