Book the gym

During 23rd of November to 20th of Dec all gym workouts must be booked like group training appointments due to Idrottscentrum Corona restrictions.

  • Maximum 3, 30min bookings per day. 15 a week.
  • Check in like group training pre entrance the gym with app or with IC-bracelet.
  • The appointments can be booked 7 days ahead, cancel latest 2 hours before.

We at Idrottscentrum take a new step in our development and wish to bring you on the journey. It feels important to us that we have a community and all of you are part of it. We will therefore send out emails to you at regular intervals where we want to inform about what is happening here at the center.

New website

We therefore want to start by informing that we have a new website, the address is the same, but the suit is new. You may need to clear the cache of your browser for the new home page to appear, but if you end up on the old page, there is information on how to proceed. On our website, you will find, as usual, news and current information about opening hours, prices, personal training, massage, wellness and our group training sessions. On the website, you can also easily book both group training, massage and send in the wish to be contacted by a personal trainer.


New digital access system

Since the end of the summer, we have a new digital access system. This means that your old gray magnetic card will be phased out over time. You will find the access system in our app "Idrottscentrum Halmstad" which you can easily download for free from the AppStore or Google Play on your mobile. Log in with your email address (the email address you receive this email to) as your username and your birth data (YYMMDD) as your password. If you have already chosen your own password, you should use it instead. More information on how to use the accessory can be found by clicking here.


Measures to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

We care about you and we hope that you care about each other and together help to keep Idrottscentrum into a fitness center where we create safe training. Keep your distance from each other in the gym and in the changing rooms and pep each other at a distance. Finally, perhaps the most important action; we ask you to stay at home if you feel sick or have symptoms, you are welcome back when you are well and have new energy! More information about what measures we have taken can be found here.


Did you know that?

At Idrottscentrum we offer a variety of group training sessions. You will find passport descriptions and how to book your passports here.

If you want to get in touch with us to share thoughts or suggestions, please contact us via email or call us on 035-241 08 00.