What does a masseur do?

During a treatment, the massager softens and expels the muscles to increase mobility in the short, tense muscles that need stretching. Muscle nodules dissolve through pressure.

How often should you go to massage?

Many of our customers find that the massage is able to treat acute symptoms such as neck pain, lumbago, etc., but it is important to remember that the operating device should be regularly maintained for preventive purposes, thus avoiding emergency measures.

Massage is a medical way of treating muscle tension, muscle abnormalities and muscle nodules.

It can be done in acute  and preemptively. Muscles are often negatively affected, of emotional states such as stress, anxiety, anger and also monotonous movements and sedentary work.

Massage increases the oxygen absorption capacity of the muscles and makes them more elastic and flexible. The nervous system also gets a positive boost and improves body temperature, fluid balance

and blood circulation. In addition, the ability to concentrate and the stomach as well as the bowel function work better.


25 MIN, 399 KR

50 MIN, 599 KR



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Classic massage is a treat that runs deep. Muscle and connective tissue processed for the body to relax and tension to release.



Relaxing Massage is an easy and pleasant form of massage that aims to be just relaxing. Massage increases the excretion of peace and tranquility hormone in the body so that the heart rate decreases and well-being increases.


Massage for both body and soul. Tactile massage is a treat for the whole body! It is a relaxing massage that stimulates the body's beneficial "peace and quiet" hormone oxytocin. Calm gentle movements help you to relax both mentally and physically.