How do I login to book a class?

If you have registered a valid email address follow these simple steps:

- Username: is your email address you have registered with us.

- Password: you’ll receive one on your e-mail

How to book your place in a group training class

When you have logged in, look for the class you want to book in the schedule./schema-gruppbokning

If the class is bookable, it says "Boka" in the right column. If the class is fully booked it will say "Boka reservplats" (book reserve place). Click "Boka" or "Boka reservplats". Now you are booked for that class. If you can’t attend the class, remember to cancel your booking at least two hours before the class starts!

Reserve places

If a class is fully booked you can sign up for a reserve place and you will be placed on the waiting list. When someone cancels their booking, the class will be filled – in order – with reserves from the waiting list. Places for the class will be filled from the waiting list until 1,5 hours (starts 1 September 2021)before the class. It is up to you to check if you receive a place or not (you will be informed via email)

How long in advance can I book?

You can book a class a week before a class starts.

How many classes can I book?

You can have 4 bookings per day and maximum 15 per week.

When shall I collect my booked class ticket?

Booked tickets must be collected a minimum of 10 minutes before the class starts.

If you haven’t collected your ticket 10 minutes before the class, your spot will be released to the people on the waiting list or drop-in.

Notice that queues can occur and you must swipe your card 10 minutes before the class to be guaranteed your booked ticket. If you arrive later than 10 minutes before the class starts you can lose your place and you will get an email with a cancellation reminder. After three reminders you will get blocked for online booking and have to pay a fee of 90 kr to be able to book classes again.

How do I collect my ticket?

You collect your tickets in the reception and give it to the instructor of the class.


Cancellations have to be done at least 1,5 hours before the class starts. Cancellations for morning classes have to be done 12 hours before the class.

How do I cancel a class?

You can cancel any class until two hours before it starts. You do this the same way as you booked it in the first place. Go to “Boka Pass” and log in. Instead of “boka” it now says “Avboka” on the classes you have booked (on the right side), click “Avboka” and you have cancel you booking.

If I miss a class I have booked?

If you forget to cancel your booking and don’t show up, you will get an email with a cancelation reminder. After three cancelations reminders you will be blocked from booking online. You can remove this block for an administration fee of 90 kr.

Blocked card, unable to book online

If your card is blocked for booking online, you will have received three reminders to the email you entered at registration. The reminders are sent out when you book a class but fail to attend or if you show up later than 10 minutes before the class starts. To give all customers a chance to attend group training classes all non-collected tickets will be released for drop-in 10 minutes before the class starts. You can remove this block for an administration fee of 90 kr.